• Procedures
  • Orcaflex Analysis
  • Field Layout
  • SURF
  • Mechanical Design of Installation aids, tools and structures
  • Failure analysis and incident investigation
  • Offshore Project Engineering support
  • Top Side

Offshore Operation – Execution & Suport

  • Offshore Engineers / Interface Engineers
  • Offshore Construction
  • Operations Management
  • Client Work Site Representatives IMCA – IOGP to support Diving Operations, ROV Operations
  • Offshore Rigging & Lifting
  • IMCA IOGP Diving & ROV Audit Assurance.
  • Marine Operations (Heading Control, Towing, Offload, Rig Move), Mooring Operations
  • Survey Equipment & Operations.

Projects – Logistics & Marshaling

Offshore Logistic Support

  • Offshore Logistic Support
  • Port Operations Management & Execution
  • Planning / coordinating CPI and project materials
  • Projects Procurement
  • Transportation, storage, load-out
  • Barges Transportation
  • Lifting Plans
  • Seafastening
  • Marine Warranty Surveyors
  • Customs Clearance & Taxing

Clients Work Site Representatives (CWSR)

The benefit of having CBV Offshore IMCA IOGP Client Representatives & Assurance Auditors

The Client Worksite Representative acts as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the client with regards to safety, planning, Project Performance, system and procedural assurance, day-to-day operations, contractual requirements, for what maybe both onshore preparation and offshore operations of a project. They has been developed to enable delegates to understand their roles and responsibilities as outlined by industry guidance documents issued by International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as well are any legislative Brazilian requirements.

The Diving System & ROV Assurance

The Diving System & ROV Assurance recommended practice provides a systematic approach that verifies the adequacy of a diving / ROV system, its operating processes and the competence of personnel with the minimum agreed standards.

Diving & ROV Operations require organization plant and equipment that are fit for purpose, properly maintained and where all elements function on demand to ensure the safety of the divers, assets and support personnel. This can be achieved by design, risk assessment, planned maintenance, inspection, testing and audit.

This report system provides clients with a recognized means of obtaining assurance that a diving / ROV system is fit for purpose and meets current industry standards.